Hawke Compression

Hawke Compression System

Marine The Hawke Compression System, formed by the end packer and by the compression plate, allows a faster and more effective sealing when realized with the help of the compression tool from the outside and by only one of the faces of the frame.

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Hawke Compression System Standard

The Hawke compression system has 2 elements: The End Packer and the Compression Plate.

Unique steel insert pins on both sides of the Hawke Transit Compression System ensure that the correct level of compression is applied to each installation, without the need for special knowledge or decisions on the part of the installer.

Hawke Round Corner Compression System

The Unique Hawke Round Corner Compression System is used in HMCX rectangular frames to compress and seal the installation of cables/pipes and HF modules.



Hawke HRST Round Transit

Hawke HRST is a round sealing solution for a single cable/pipe
passing through a wall or bulkhead/deck
Each size of HRST frame can seal a large range of diameters
without any onsite modifications.

Hawke HRTO Round Transit

Hawke HRTO is a round sealing solution for multiple cables/pipes
passing through a circular aperture in a wall or bulkhead/deck.
The seal is formed by tightening the compression bolts which
expand the system radially with no need of a compression system.