AFWF Transformers

AFWF Transformers


Transformers with AFWF cooling system are one of our core areas of expertise. AFWF cooled transformers are often used in demanding applications like marine as well as oil and gas industry where space is often restricted and which have long traditions in water cooling.

Liquid cooling enables effective and compact transfer of heat losses from electrical premises into the circulating liquid. By using AFWF cooling up to 30% of transformer weight can be saved and almost 90% of the heat losses will be transferred into the cooling water.

AFWF cooling can be selected to most of our transformer types.


  • Double tube type air/fresh water cooler (seawater cooler on request).
  • Enclosure protection class IP44 or IP54.
  • Water leakage sensor, stand still heaters and vibration dampers as standard.
  • Large selection of options: motor starters, pre-charging systems etc
  • Alternative cooler and water flange locations.
  • Minimum service space needed for cooler and fan motors.