Transformers for frequency converters

Transformers for Frequency Converters



The use of frequency converters makes specific demands on the supplying transformer but mainly to the underlying transformers. Some of the main uses of a sourcing transformer are changing the frequency on the grid, the galvanic decoupling of the frequency and protect the electricity network against interference.

If the frequency inverter is equipped with an output filter and a separate Step Up transformer, there may be a low frequency inverter used to control a motor with a higher voltage.


Step Down Transformer

  • Vector group Dyn11 (impulse6) and Dyn11d0 (impuls12)
  • Design so that the harmonic waves will be adjusting that are caused by the frequency converter and the technical requirements
  • Static protection between the primary and secondary windings
  • Vacuum impregnated

Step Up Transformer

  • Vector group Dyn11
  • Designed for operation with a frequency converter and sini filter (special provisions)]
  • Voltage adjusted to compensate for voltage drops
  • Vacuum impregnated