Trafotek Transformers


Our Trafotek dry type transformer product range spans from 1 kVA low voltage VPI transformers up to 20 MVA cast resin transformers and voltages up to 24 kV. A wide range of auxiliary components can be selected for integration into our transformers.

Our transformers are made to meet customer requirements in demanding applications. We are specially focused on manufacturing transformers for different types of frequency converters and special applications. The most demanding applications are found in marine operations, electric propulsion to be more precise. 12 and 24 pulse transformers with 3 windings are used to reduce the THD level in both low and medium voltage applications.

UL recognized products

The products listed below, which are manufactured by Trafotek-OY, produced according to the requirements of UL and may use the UL logo on the production.

The UL file number E206141 and E204394 for transformers for the materials.